Alexander van der Zalm
Alexander is fascinated by all sorts of spiritual practices, like dreaming and shamanism, and loves above all facilitating a growth in understanding through theory classes and workshops. He has a background in Ashtanga yoga practice, core shamanism, and more recently discovered the complementary, restorative, gentle delight of yin yoga.

Usually hosts yoga and meditation retreats in Spain with his partner serieke. For more info see yogaretreatspanje.nl.

Lodewijk Scholtens
My name is Lodewijk Scholtens (Louie called by friends). I have been interested in the spiritual world since I was a child, but after I had a heavy ski accident when I was in my twenties and had to stay for three months in bed and had multiple operations, something essential changed inside of me. I felt after that much more connection and trust in the spiritual world and had a deep feeling I was all the time guided. Since then I have been travelling around the world to explore, to follow trainings, retreats and follow my intuition. I read hundreds of spiritual books and visted many spiritual teachers all around the world.

A short summary of a few things I have been doing the last 15 years:
– Hatha and Tantra Yoga Teacher Training (500 hours) in Thailand
– Ashtanga Vinyasa private Teacher Training in Rishiskesh, India
– Year training Healing facilitator for working with the energies of Saint Germain and Merlin
– Training in Healing with interdimensional energies.
– Coaching and Hypnotheraphy training

I have been teaching Yoga, Meditation and Tantra for multiple years at different places around world in the Netherlands, India, Thailand, Spain and Bali. In 2015 I wrote a book called The Universal Laws of the new Golden Era, a guide for personal development in the 21th century ( for more info www.vitawise.eu) My greatest passion is sharing all the knowledge I have with other people. After observing, exploring, teaching and learning for many years for me it is one of the most important things in this time to guide other people on the path to Self Empowerment. To share Sacred Teachings which help to bring you in a deep connection with your Soul, share deep transformative healing sessions, coaching and everything what is needed to support you on your path to Self Empowerment. I hope to see you soon at one of our Retreats…

With love,
Your friend Louie