aug 22 – 28 – Mystery School TeachingsShamanism, Lucid Dreaming, Yoga and Healing
aug 31 – sep 6 – The Path of the Spiritual Warrior –  (Male only) Cultivating Masculine Spiritual Power
sep 10 – 16 –The Path to Self Empowerment – Teachings about the Universal Principles 

Mystery School Teachings
The deeper teachings of all Ages
Shamanism, Lucid-Dreaming, Hatha Yoga, Yin Yoga, Healing
In this retreat we will focus how to access the teachings of the mystery schools: on the deeper spiritual mysteries and wisdom gained through our deeper intuitions, synchronicity, (lucid) dreams, visions and other ways in which we are exposed to the greater mysteries found inside of ourselves and the multiverse. To ground ourselves we will look at the perspectives of the yogi’s in the east, the shamans of the world and the (lucid) dreamers of the west.

Starting from 500 euro (including accommodation and food).

The path of the Spiritual Warrior
Cultivating Masculine Spiritual Power
Masculine Self-Empowerment, Tantra, Shamanism, Healing, Yoga, Excercise
In this male-only retreat we will be out to discover the ways in which we can cultivate and balance masculine power. We will deepen our understanding of our sexuality and how we can embrace our masculinity in a meaningful way. We will do this by looking amongst others at the perspectives of modern understandings and scientific discoveries for example related to the influence of hormones and the passion cycle and ancient yogic spiritual practices such as Tantra and Shamanism.

Starting from 500 euro (including accommodation and food).

Note that this is a non-sexual practice and non-nude retreat. We will however discuss sexual practices in the theory classes and workshops.

The path to Self Empowerement
Teachings about the Universal Principles
Self-Empowerment, Universal Principles, Healing, Yoga
In this retreat Lodewijk will share some of the major insights from his book in relation which can bring us in connection with our authentic and Empowered Self.

Starting from 500 euro (including accommodation and food).