Terms and Conditions

Yogi-Dream is the tradename under which Alexander van der Zalm and Serieke Ruyter organize retreats. The retreats in Spain are advertised under the name Mystery Teachings and through www.mystery-teachings.nl and other third party websites.

Dutch Chamber of Commerce (KVK) No.: 66151236 – KVK

Participants are the persons who book a retreat with Yogi-Dream (Mystery Teachings).

1. General terms retreat location
(a) No smoking, alcohol or drugs of any kind are allowed at the retreat location.

(b) Due to the extreme drought in the area, it is absolutely forbidden to make any kind of fire outside of the house and in the natural park Sierra de las Nieves (including cigarettes, lighters, matches, etc.).

(c) Accommodation is based on shared and mixed gender four person bedrooms, shared and mixed twin rooms and single rooms. Please state during booking procedures which accommodation type holds your preference.

2. General terms of booking, payment and cancellation
(a) Full payment is due at the time of booking.

(b) The price is the exact amount to be received by us, irrespective of fluctuations in currency and irrespective of any third-party transfer charges.

(c) Retreat costs are refundable up until 30 days prior to the retreat start date. Returned payments are subject to a 100 euro handling charge per cancelling participant. A refund of 50 % of the retreat costs is possible until 14 days prior to the retreat start date. When cancelling within 14 days prior to the retreat start date, no refund is possible.

(d) Cancellations should be done in writing and sent to info@yogaretreatspanje.nl.

3. The participant’s travel arrangements
All travel arrangements to and from El Burgo, Málaga Province, Spain, are the responsibility and at the cost of the participant.

4. Travel, cancellation and medical insurance
The participant is responsible for arranging their own travel, cancellation and medical insurance, covering the activities of the retreat. Make sure your insurance company covers the costs of an emergency or sickness.

5. Participant’s health
(a) Participants that have medical conditions, serious or otherwise, must inform Yogi Dream (Mystery Teachings) at the time of booking. They should check with their GP whether it is safe for them to come to the retreat and to participate in the advertised activities. At all times participants are responsible for their own body’s wellbeing.

(b) All activities during the retreat are at the participant’s own responsibility. Yogi Dream cannot be held liable for any injuries a participant may incur. At any time, participants are free to skip activities if they decide to do so.

(c) Pregnancy – Unless a participant has been a regular yoga practitioner for several years, it is not advisable to practice yoga during the first trimester, especially if they have any history of miscarriage. Participants that are pregnant should always inform Yogi Dream of this fact and check with their GP whether it is safe for them to practice the advertised activities. Yogi Dream does not offer any pregnancy yoga classes.

(d) Emergencies – Yogi Dream organizes retreats at relatively remote places. If an emergency arises we do everything in our power to assist, but Yogi Dream is not responsible for the outcome of any emergency. Note that the nearest GP and emergency post is at the village of El Burgo (15 minutes drive by car) and the nearest hospital at the city of Ronda (45 minutes drive by car).

6. Occasional changes program
Occasionally, changes may have to be made (e.g., yoga teachers, class times and other arrangements), which we reserve the right to do at any time.

7. Cancellation by Yogi Dream
We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel a retreat, in which case we will offer a full refund of the paid retreat costs. This only happens under rare circumstances.

8. Liability
(a) Yogi Dream is not liable for any injuries a participant may incur. Yoga classes and other activities are undertaken at the participant’s own risk. Yogi Dream is not liable for any medical or psychiatric conditions which may develop during or subsequent to the retreat.

(b) Yogi Dream is not liable for any loss of or damage to participants’ personal belongings. Bedrooms do not have locks, so please leave any valuable belongings at home.

(c) Yogi Dream cannot be held responsible for the individual behaviour of any of their participants.

(d) Yogi Dream reserves the right to ask a participant to leave if their behaviour is disruptive or abusive.

9. Mobile phones and Wi-Fi
(a) No Wi-Fi is provided at the retreat location.

(b) Please refrain from using mobile phones in the common areas and around the premises. Retreats are designed for participants to reflect and find quietness. If you need to make a call, please be discrete.

10. Meals
(a) All meals during the retreats are vegetarian or vegan. It is not allowed to bring any meat-based foods to the retreat.

(b) Please make sure you notify Yogi Dream and the other participants of the retreat of any allergies. In the case of severe allergies, bring the appropriate medicine to counteract the allergic reaction.

(c) Yogi Dream cannot be held responsible for any allergic reaction occurring due to eating the food at the retreat.

(d) All meals are prepared together as a group, including participants and retreat staff.

11. Right of Portrait
Yogi Dream uses pictures taken during retreats for advertising purposes. Participants grant permission in advance to the organizer for disclosure of taken pictures, videos and other materials in which the participant is visible during or around the retreat. If participants object to this, they can send an email to info@yogaretreatspanje.nl.

12. Changes
Yogi Dream holds the right to change these terms and condition at any moment.

13. Correspondence
All correspondence should be done in writing to info@yogaretreatspanje.nl.